2024 Update!

We are continuing equipment sales with a 2024 updated equipment listing and pricing.  We look forward to filling your equipment needs!

We work with many suppliers who offer premium wares at affordable prices. Most equipment is built on-demand, keeping prices low.

On average there is a 6-week wait to receive ordered equipment. Order early and often!! The time to find out you’re low is not in the middle of swarm season!

Orders over $300 require a 50% deposit.

Payment in full on receipt.

Orders are brought to OCBA meetings as they become available. Local pickup or local delivery may be requested. Delivery is done at the federal mileage rate to-and-from La Grange.

We reserve the right to reject orders, due to volume or availability. We will notify at first availability should that occur. We haven’t turned anyone down yet!

Much of our hive equipment is amish-made. Goods may require additional fitment work by the buyer before or after assembly. If you do not wish to do that fitment work, order your boxes assembled with the ‘Perfect-Trim’ surcharge of $2/box. These items are checked and perfected before delivery.

Equipment Order Form

“I’m a beginner, what do I need?”

I’d recommend EITHER a pair of “10 frame complete hives” or a pair of “8 frame complete hives”.

Beginners should have a minimum of two hives!

The first year the bottom boxes are used to establish a brood nest, with the spare boxes often used as feeder covers.

You will also need feeders. I think top-feeders are very valuable, and have them available for 10F equipment.

You will also need bees, PPE (personal protective equipment), and a class! I highly recommend our local nuc producers. I have nucs and queens available. There is a multi-county beginner program that runs Feb-March. Several retailers offer good affordable PPE.